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quality & standards

Quality is at the heart of the K2 approach. We work only to the highest standards in every area and actively pursue a commitment to continuous improvement.

Our technical, design and production functions conform to all the following standards:


BS EN 755: Wrought Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys for General Engineering Purposes.

BS 8118:1991: Structural Use of Aluminium.

BS 6399: Part 2:1997: Loading for Buildings. Code of Practice for Wind Loads.

BS 6399:Part 3:1988: Loading for Buildings. Code of Practice for Imposed Roof Loads.

BS 5516:1991: Design and Installation of Sloping and Vertical Patent Glazing.

BS 4576:Part1:1989: PVC-u Rainwater Goods and Accessories.

The K2 Conservatory Roof, fabricated by K2, at our factory, is approved under BBA for both white and woodgrain effect finishes.

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Celsius Glass

Our range of Celsius Glass carries the BS EN 1279-2 and BS EN 12150-1 standards.