Speed up Orangery Fit with Venetian Video Guide

Synseal installers can now see for themselves how quick and easy its K2 Venetian orangery system is to fit, thanks to a specially commissioned video showing the whole thing being completed in just two days.

The five-minute time lapse movie, featuring a genuine homeowner installation located in the Pennine hills not far from K2’s Lancashire base, is aimed not only to emphasise the speed and simplicity of fitting the Venetian but also to showcase the system to all Synseal installers, as Head of Marketing Mark Schlotel explained:

“Venetian came to us with the acquisition of K2 last year and some of our many Synseal installers may not realise how easily an orangery installation can be achieved, using this well-designed system. Demand for orangeries is still on the increase and we want to be sure our installers are able to make the most of this growing market. Some may still think an orangery is too complex for them to take on; we hope this video will show them how painless and stress-free it can be with Venetian.”

The video can be viewed by clicking here.

K2 Capella - a Complete Modular Proposition

When it was launched in 2011 K2’s Capella fulfilled the simple promise of providing a single integrated internal bracket and aluminium gutter. Since then it has become a firm favourite and is now installed in hundreds of conservatories throughout the UK.

Capella Modular proposition

Now K2 designers have evolved the Capella to provide a number of internal and external options, whilst maintaining the inherent simplicity for which it became so popular.

Internal options now include single and double bracket PVC-U soffits, which offer a highly cost-efficient solution to giving a conservatory an authentic orangery look. In addition to superb aesthetics the option also provides homeowners with the ability to install low-voltage downlighters for a sophisticated and stylish finish.

CapellaCapella Plaster

Following popular demand a fully plasterboarded version is also available as standard in 300mm and 600mm depth. Installers who have been nudging K2 for this option will, says the company, find it a very worthwhile addition.

    Capella installers now enjoy three external options:
  • the standard K2 PVC-u gutter;
  • the Capella aluminium gutter which is an integral, high fronted gutter;
  • and shortly as a direct result of the union between Synseal and K2 the three part aluminium fascia as used on Synseals Global Summer will be made available to K2 customers.
    Overall, the key benefits of the Capella over competitive solutions are:
  • A completely modular system allowing you to offer your customers a full range of options, making the Capella totally customizable
  • The glass roof screening solution uses an optional pre-fitted solar film; this makes both the installation simpler and the finished product very aesthetically pleasing.
  • The plastered soffit is fitted onto a very easy to install set of brackets, making it a very enviable solution for all installers.

With standard depth of 300mm and 600mm the plastered soffit will allow you to fulfil most budget orangery requirements and ensure the homeowners gets the wow factor.

Specially adapted to be fitted to the K2 eaves beam the Synseal Global Summer decorative orangery fascia conceals guttering and provides external cornice detailing. It is one of the key features of the Global Summer that allows an effective Orangery-Style conservatory to be created simply and competitively. And soon these benefits will be available to K2 customers without switching.

Anne-Marie Busch, Marketing Manager for K2 said the benefits of the union between Synseal and K2 are now becoming very tangible: “Capella embodies the K2 philosophy in producing simple yet highly effective solutions that are driven by our customers, something that Synseal has bought into; Synseal also has a reputation as an innovative and progressive supplier of conservatory roofs and components with the addition of superb facilities and sheer size. These relatively small but important developments with Capella are the first of what is becoming a very productive relationship between the two brands.”

Orangeries bring K2 customer a healthy boost

North West based K2 fabricator Premier Conservatory Supplies is proof that all the industry talk about changing market conditions and customer needs is true.

Peter Gray, MD, comments: “We introduced K2’s orangery system back in March. Initially I saw it as an opportunity to offer something different from my competitors, but it became quickly apparent that there was significant interest coming from the homeowner market”

This has therefore turned into a real order generating proposition. Although orangery kits orders do not come in the same volumes as standard conservatory roofs, the benefits are immediately visible, with an average order value that can go up from £2000 to £15000+

Peter adds: “Fitters really love the K2 system, as it is really easy to install with no specialist tools, and this which makes it all the better as the retailers will not want to add too many labour days to the project”.

To support his faith in the product Peter invited Andrew Buglass, who has a wealth of experience in selling orangeries, to join his team as National Sales Manager. It has proved a successful move.

With over 30 orangery kits sold already nationally, Andrew is confident that they will see more orders coming through. Premier are currently selling 100% Rio styles (flat roof) as they found that these were the most in demand.

“Our order book was near enough to 50/50 conservatory vs orangery kits towards the end of 2012. 15 to 20% of our turnover is being generated by K2’s orangery kit, and we are aiming to double this in 2013” comments Peter.