Conservatory Winner On Air!

Mandy McCombe became the latest reality star as she was announced live on air as the winner of CFM Radio’s Live In It To Win It conservatory competition, courtesy of K2 fabricator Carlisle Window Systems.

Four lucky contestants started the week reality style living in a top end K2 conservatory in the hope to win it. One contestant left mid-week leaving the three remaining contestants to battle it out through various tasks and live on air challenges. At 8:45am on Friday 3rd April, Mandy was announced the winner live on air following 5 days in the conservatory and the competition generated over 10,000 votes via the website and by text message.

So who were the contestants? Trevor Liddell is a local trucker who fears spiders but loves Everton; Jonathon Van-Heddegem would have been useful as an ex-Army chef but he left the contest mid-week; Christopher Wills was hoping to enjoy some of his favourite Italian food during the week and the winner Mandy McCombe is a district nurse who dislikes Murder She Wrote but loves her new conservatory!

Stuart Thompson from Carlisle Window Systems comments: “The competition has created a huge amount of interest and has really captured the imagination of the local community. We look forward to installing the conservatory for Mandy and wish her the very best of enjoyment from it, she’s certainly earned it.”

He adds: “Having experienced the competition at first hand I don’t think I’d last more than 24 hours, let alone 5 days!”