C-Tech's Community Rescue

When an 81 year old pensioner was forced to withdraw savings from the Post Office and then fleeced out of a £12,000 conservatory, several local companies came to the rescue including K2 fabricator, C-Tech (Conservatory Technology).

Bill Franklin, 81, was marched to his local Post Office in Milton Keynes by rogue builders and forced to withdraw his life savings to pay for a conservatory. This was to be used by his 50-year-old son Keith who suffers from Down’s syndrome, so that he could watch his beloved western films and enjoy the sun. But following several weeks of waiting and making numerous phone calls, it quickly became evident that they had been the victims of a cruel con.

Local conservatory company, Crown Conservatories co-ordinated the rescue mission to build a free conservatory with the help of Jewsons, L.D.C. Building, MK Skips, Safe Guard Electrical Installations, C.R. Tofts Carpets Ltd and C-Tech. Keith is now happy in his K2 conservatory and is looking forward to a summer of sunshine and the enjoyment of his favourite movies.

Adrian Beckett from C-Tech comments: “We’re delighted to help out and it’s shameful that anyone could do such a thing given the family’s circumstances. People like this give the building industry a bad name, yet the majority of companies are honest and charitable as this project shows. We all wish Bill and Keith the very happiest of times in their new conservatory.”