Spectra celebrates 10 years with K2

Established in 2002, Spectra Conservatory roofs is please to announce that they have reached their 10th year fabricating K2 roofs.

Anne-Marie Busch speaks to Darren Goddard to find out what the last 10 years mean to him and the business.

“Back in 2002 the Devon and Cornwall area was not covered by many fabricators and we saw an opportunity to carve ourselves a place in the market.

K2 was the obvious choice for us as they were not present at all in the region, and it was a system really talked about for its quality and ease of installation. We knew we’d made the right choice as soon as we approached them and we negotiated the exclusive rights to Devon and Cornwall.

Since then our working relationship has been more than satisfactory. We don’t believe we are high maintenance, but we can also vouch that whenever we needed something K2 has always been there for us; issues always get dealt with quickly.

The fact that we chose K2 when we started the business, and have been with them since, is a testament to their efforts to help customers develop their business. We started from nothing, to reach 10 roofs a week, going up to 20 /25 week.

Back then we already understood the industry well (Ben Cogavin – General Manager, and Matthew Clark – Factory Manager, both worked with Darren at Quantal prior to joining him when he set up Spectra), and knew that with K2 we had a quality, reliable roof system. The aim was to build a solid business, that would grow within a manageable size, to cover the whole South West; and I believe we have achieved this. We are now a perfectly formed team of seven people, working form a 3500 square feet factory.

We are actually looking to move into bigger premises to allow us to cater for increased demand, and the changing nature of the type of roofs we fabricate (larger installations, orangeries…). So there is no doubt that the future is looking bright.

Current trends for colours, glass roofs (with Celsius in high demand), aluminium, orangeries, and portal frames mean that higher value items now represent approximately 25% of our order volume and 35% of our turnover. The K2 products allow us to cater for these needs extremely well.

In addition, we believe our success is based on a combination of quality products, strong customer service, which includes the pre-assembly of every single roof that comes out of our premises, and being prepared to go the extra way to help our customers. We do not sacrifice quality over price.