Celsius for Top Performance

Celsius glass is used by a number of prestigious installation companies. Among them is Radcliffe Glass & Windows, ran by Clive Powers

“Radcliffe Glass & Windows have used Celsius for the last 4 years. We changed from Pilkington Activ Blue as the Celsius product offers far superior qualities.

Having been dissatisfied with the Pilks Activ products and their capabilities on south facing projects we needed an alternative. Looking at the technical specification it was plain to see that Celsius was a superior product.

At the first opportunity, and after very careful deliberation, we decided to give Celsius glass a try on a south facing conservatory. After the installation I conducted a detailed survey and both the customer and I were delighted with the performance of the glass. After the initial installation’s success there has been no turning back and we have only used Celsius since.

The thing we like about Celsius is that it actually does exactly what it says on the tin. This is the most important thing as, based on our experience, competing products do not have the same Heat reflection qualities or U Values. Radcliffe Glass & Windows are known for supplying only the best products and Celsius is one of them. It actually enables our clients to use the Conservatory 365 days a year, giving them real value for money and the opportunity to use their Conservatory/Orangery for all occasions, come rain or shine.

I did not think the product could have been improved so I was pleasantly surprised at the introduction of Celsius One and Celsius Elite. These two products along with Celsius Clear give us a real edge against our competitors when visiting clients.

The improvements Celsius have made recently such as the addition of the Certificate of authenticity are also a big help as many of our competitors say they use Celsius but offer poor quality imitations. The certificate of authenticity is a fantastic selling point, and a great way of giving the customer additional peace of mind at the end of the installation.

Thank You Celsius for the technical support and service you provide. Here’s to the next 4 years!

For more information on Celsius glass please visit www.celsiusglass.co.uk.