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Traders who use K2 products can, within certain restrictions, be granted access to downloads of image libraries to use on their website and/or printed material. These files are accessed via the DOWNLOADS area in the menu above, NOT the Galleries.

ONLY the K2 Marketing Department can grant you the permission required to do so.

Obtaining and using K2 images is our most common request, so the FAQ below should be your first stop. If, once you have read all the below, you still need further information, or advice on how to proceed, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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can I use K2 images?

Any trade company selling K2 products can be permitted to use images from the K2 libraries. The images made available will be based on several factors, including your company type and the range of K2 products you sell.

We strongly recommend you read the rest of this FAQ so that you are fully informed of the correct and legal way to obtain the necessary images.

where do I get K2 images from?

All material that K2 supply to traders (be it Images or PDFs) are available via the Downloads option from the menu near the top of this page.

In order to access the fullest range of material available to you, you must register on this website using the “register” link in the main menu (under "Login"). Some increased access will be granted automatically - K2 will also manually check your company details, and apply a further level of Downloads access to your account.

Once this increased access is applied, you will be able to see Image Libraries available for you to download IF it has been deemed appropriate to your company.

If you believe you should be able to access more content than you are being shown, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will assist further.

Under no circumstances should you take images (or any other content) from this website that are not made available in the downloads section (i.e. Saving images from the "Gallery" section to use elsewhere is not permitted).

It is also strictly prohibited to obtain images via any form of extraction from our PDF files.

You should ensure you read the Terms & Conditions and Copyright notices attached to all our Downloads and Image Libraries.

i have been granted access, now what?

If you have registered on this website, and had your registration confirmed as upgraded to allow access to Image Library downloads, you should:

1) Click on "Login" from the main menu of the site, and login using your registered details.

2) Click on the “Downloads” option situated in the top menu

3) Inside downloads you will see many folders dividing our available files into categories. (We've changed this from our previous website, so if you have downloaded images before, you might need to take a minute to relocate the files you need.) Some are files inside the various categories are public (available to everyone) some are only visible when you are a logged in Trade customer. When you are logged in, various image libraries will will be visible for you when K2 Marketing have applied suitable access permissions to your Website Registration. Look for them at the Top of each list of files within the categories - they all have a distinct Yellow/Green icon with a White Camera & Download graphic.

4) If you see a file that is as described above, click on it, and proceed to step 5.

If you do NOT see any such files, your account has not been given access to K2 Image Libraries. You should email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details.

5) Inside the categories you will see various downloads (in ZIP format, a compressed file type that your computer will be able to expand into a folder of images once downloaded). These downloads are named according to our Retail Literature (i.e. "The K2 Living Collection - Image" is the images from our Living Collection brochure). Download whichever image collections you require.

I definitely can't see any 'image files' in any of the download categories - what am I doing wrong?

There are several possibilities:

• Your customer status may not be sufficient for us to grant access (this could simply be due to us needing further information from you)

• We may not have had chance to upgrade your account

• There may be an error in your account settings that we need to correct

If you believe you should have access to images, simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will check on all the above possibilities.

why are the images marked with the K2 Logo?

For several reasons:

1) We provide images to help you promote your business, and also to promote the K2 product. It is therefore important that the images clearly indicate that a K2 product is featured.

2) The images feature installations from several of our customers and it is important that no other company claims ownership of the installation.

3) There are many companies that will simply copy and paste images they like, whatever the source. To stop this happening from our customers’ site we must ensure that any image provided by us is protected by featuring a K2 logo.

It is important for K2 to defend both its copyright on images and the integrity of our brand (i.e. our product doesn't get passed off as someone else’s), and so we ask that K2 traders using our images use them with the K2 logo clearly visible.

We have made the K2 branding relatively small and faded, so as not to make the images unappealing to your customers when they see them on your website.

Please note: We are referring here to the images in the Zip downloads, NOT in the publicly viewable galleries on this website. The galleries have purposely large K2 branding on them to prevent unauthorised use.

You are reminded that the conditions under which you are granted permission to use these images include not altering the image to remove or obscure the K2 branding.

are there restrictions on how to use the images?

A detailed breakdown of what you can and cannot do with the K2 Images supplied can be found in a Text Document included in every Zip file. The main points of note are:

• You should not use the supplied images to infer that your company manufactured/installed/sold the conservatory featured, if that is not the case. The images should be used only as a general guide to product shape, style, colour etc.

• The K2 branding should not be removed or obscured.

• The permission to use these images is for your company alone, and you must not pass them onto other companies (though any service providers, such as your selected Web Design company, are of course allowed to use them on your behalf, though you must make them aware that they should use them for your company alone and not for any other companies they may work for).

• Only images supplied in the Zip files must be used. Do not obtain images, graphics or logos from the K2 site by any other means.

If you are found to be in breach of our guidelines, you will be asked to remove the offending material, and if that matter cannot be resolved, potentially lose your permission to use any K2 files completely.

i prefer to receive images by email or on a CD. is it possible?


K2 provide access to material only via the K2 website. This allows us to provide a constantly changing and up to date set of downloads; it also ensures you have easy access to up to date material.

We also need to be sure you are aware of our Copyright and Terms (referenced on every downloadable item) before Downloads commence. We cannot enforce this on CD, Email etc, so please do not ask any K2 staff member to send you material in this way.

Please also be aware that K2 service a considerable number of trade customers, and we must ensure we treat everyone in a fair and equal manner. Having every customer access their allotted material via the website makes this possible.

can I have images that are not in these downloads?


As K2 service a large number of trade companies, it's important we have an efficient and organised manner to supply material, and to then track its use.

To achieve this our supplied digital material directly reflects our printed material.

Therefore, if the Living Collection brochure is appropriate for your company, the images made available to you are the ones in the current printed edition of that brochure.

We are aware that sometimes you will require a specific image for specific use (perhaps you have a customer who wishes to see a certain conservatory size/style in a certain colour before agreeing to a sale). If we can assist you with that, we will; however please be aware that our first port of call will be to access the image libraries that you are permitted to use, and use our knowledge of the contents to advise of the most suitable image from those. K2 staff are governed by the same copyright laws that we apply to you, and this avoids us falling foul of those laws.

Should you find yourself in such a situation, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and we'll do our best to help.

can I have images from The Designer Collection brochure?


The Designer Collection is a high-end brochure featuring top of the range installations. It was designed to promote the use of K2 and to help our customers develop business in this market.

Unfortunately, as a product manufacturer, not an installer, our opportunities to obtain photos of suitable installations is limited.

As such, we sought permission from many of our traders to use their images in the brochure, for the greater good of not just themselves, but for every K2 trader - and many of them kindly agreed.

However, those images do NOT belong to K2. We are using them under specific terms from the companies who supplied them, and those terms strictly prohibit the supply of the original image files.

Please to not attempt to bypass K2 to obtain or use images from the Designer Collection, as we will be required to deal with any potential breach of the terms we were supplied the images under.

If you consider this unfair, please consider how you would feel if you have photos of the biggest installation you have ever done, and then find them on a competitor website stated as being their own work! The fact that some of our customers have helped us produce the Designer Collection brochure for others to use, is therefore testament to their pride in their work, and their trust in K2.

can I share MY images with K2?

We would love to see photos of any installations you have completed.

You may send images to us simply to view; to use AND distribute; or just to use in K2 literature but not distribute; whichever you prefer.

Getting one of your installations included in a piece of K2 literature could be a great selling aid (or even just a source of pride for you and your staff).

If you sent us a photo that we thought would be great to include in the next Living Collection brochure, we will be in touch with you, as we would require licence to distribute that image along with the rest of the brochure.

If you have installed a particularly high-end conservatory where the photographs you supply are worthy of the Designer Collection brochure, we will likewise be in touch to arrange permission to use it. Appearance in the Designer Collection is highly valued, as not only do we not distribute the images, but your company name will be included in the brochure.

In some cases, your installation may be one we wish to feature in the Designer Collection "Case Studies", the double-page multiple photograph parts of the brochure. This would bring considerable exposure and kudos to your company.

If you have installed a conservatory you think worthy, but do not have high quality photographs, K2 may in some instances visit the installation (with yours and the homeowners prior permission) and take photographs suitable for use in the brochures.