• Minimal Screws Required
  • minimal drilling required
  • easy turn buttons
  • sill support blocks
  • quicker to install

K2 Konnect system

The K2 Konnect System (often referred to as our Modular System) consists of especially manufactured conservatory frames/panels (now featuring the Legend profile) that utilise our exclusive frame connecting products, bringing unique installation benefits for both trade fitters and the DIY consumer.

  • Minimal Screws - less parts for more speed
  • Minimal Drilling - to keep it clean and tidy
  • Easy Turn Buttons - to lock panels together
  • Sill Support Blocks - that lock panels in place
  • Quicker To Install - just click, slide and lock

The K2 Konnect system is only available as part of a complete conservatory, which will feature the standard K2 roof. The frame system is not available on its own.

  • Sills are cut to size, and are ready for the Sill Support Blocks.

    K2 Modular 1

  • Sill Support Blocks on the panels locate into the sill, and click into position.

    K2 Modular 2
  • Panels engage into Sill and slide into position.

    K2 Modular 3
  • Aluminium Connectors slide down between Panels holding them together.

    K2 Modular 4
  • Rotating the 1/4 turn Buttons with an allen key secures the Panels, at the correct distance apart.

    K2 Modular 5
  • Once locked into position the Buttons are used to locate the cover strip, for a clean finish.

    K2 Modular 6