Images & Logos Copyright Notice

Copyright notice & Licence Agreement for Images & Company Logos

This download and its content is copyright of K2 Conservatories © 2012. All rights reserved. Agreement to the terms below is required (via the buttons at the bottom of the page) before download can proceed.

The files included in this Zip file are images both photographic and illustrative in nature, distributed by K2 Conservatories and its divisions.

To ensure full legal coverage, we generaly apply a standard Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives licence (for more details visit ), the full details of which are included in a Read Me inside this Zip archive. However - the terms immediately below should be considered part of this licence, and supersede it should any clashes arise.

The terms of use can be summarised as:

Please note: These terms extend to you/your company only - they are not transferable. Should you have customers of your own requiring material/images/logos, they should be asked to contact K2 Marketing, and we will supply them with appropriate content via their own K2 website logins.

Images are generally supplied in RGB Jpeg format (most suitable for PC viewing and Web Design use), though some illustrations or graphics may be Tiff or EPS files. Should you have any issues viewing/opening the files, please contact K2 Marketing.

Please note that due to the wide range of material being offered to a varied customer base, the terms enforced are by necessity generic and wide-reaching in nature. If you have any queries as to how the rules apply to yourself or your situation, please email and we will be happy to help.