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  • Blue/White
    blue / white
  • Oak
    foiled golden oak
  • Rose
    foiled rosewood / mahogany
  • White
    foiled dual colour


In today's home, natural ventilation has been all but eliminated thanks to the use of modern materials and construction techniques. This may be good news in terms of draughts and your heating bills, but it's not so great for your conservatory.

The lack of flowing air can cause condensation to build up and it is always worth considering additional ventilation to guarantee maximum enjoyment from your new investment. This could take the form of ceiling fans, or for the ultimate solution, a roof vent.

This vent has been rigorously tested to ensure its ability to offer the highest levels of weather tightness. The roof vent effered by K2 has slim sight lines for enhanced aesthetic appeal, an integral drainage system and is available in a number of colours.

features and benefits:

  • Fully Sculptured Aluminium Sash
  • Dedicated Sashes to suit 24/25mm and 35mm glazing with Polycarbonate or Glass
  • Sash Bracket in Chrome or Brass finish to complement Opening Mechanism
  • No Aluminium sections on the inside, therefore no need for thermal break and eliminates the risk of condensation
  • Sash Glazing directly seals onto the Outer Frame making water ingression impossible
  • Drainage facility within the Sash
  • Double weather sealing
  • Concealed Hinge allows Sash removal even after glazing
  • Available glazed and un-glazed, with manual and electric opening options
  • Themostat and rain sensor control units
  • Sash and Frame available in White, Blue White and foiled Golden Oak, Mahogany and Rosewood finishes