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tie bar / tie wire

Tie bars or wires are used to stop lateral movement of the conservatory; they are essential to the structural integrity / stability of conservatories above a certain size.

These sizes vary depending on the actual style of the conservatory. Generally they are required from width of 3251mm x depth 3251mm for glass roofs (depth of 3751mm for polycarbonate roofs).

If your conservatory installer specifies a tie bar/wire it will be because it is required; it is therefore essential that it gets fitted. If a tie bar/wire is not specified but you wish to use one as a decorative feature, ask your installer.

Tie Bar

Tie Bar

A tie bar is made up of 3 rods, fastened to the conservatory roof, and linked together via a cast iron centre boss.

A 5 way variation is available for larger installations.

Once tightened this assembly provides the additional stability required.

Tie Wire

Tie Wire

Whilst normal tie bars use 3 sets of threaded bar covered in plastic tubing, the Tiewire uses a single piece of slim polished stainless steel cable across the roof.

With the Tiewire adjustment being at one end via a discreet slim-line adjusting barrel, no vertical rod is required. This means even an amateur can fit and adjust the Tiewire quickly and with the minimum of effort.

The Tiewire has been developed to suit the leading industry roof systems and has been independently tested at the UKAS Accredited Sheffield Testing Laboratories.