pvcu or aluminium

Choosing a conservatory generally means selecting its style or shape (Victorian, Gable, Georgian), size, and colour. Few people are aware that when choosing a conservatory, you can also decide on the material used to finish off the roof

Since conservatories became widely popular the vast majority of them have been made using PVC throughout. However in the last few years homeowners wanting to invest in a product with more added value have started to consider aluminium as a finishing product.

To appreciate the difference between a PVCu and an Aluminium roof, it is important to understand how a roof is constructed:

All roof bars have an aluminium beam at the core. It gives the conservatory its core strength. These bars are then hidden by being capped internally and externally.

The internal capping - the part you will see from inside your home and covers the internal part of the beam - is always PVCu.

The external capping (and accompanying cresting and finial) can however be selected in Aluminium. For you the homeowner this means greater choice and individuality.

Heritage homes / listed building - K2 has a solution

In the majority of cases a PVC-u conservatory is likely to be refused if you live in a heritage home / listed building. Although wood stands a better chance, it is not always the preferred choice of the homeowner for the roof, as it is a product that “moves” with time. An alternative is to select a sturdier aluminium roof complete with an architectural aluminium gutter. K2’s aluminium roof has thus been accepted for several listed building.