When choosing a conservatory, colour is the one element easily over-looked. White often seems the obvious choice, closely followed by traditional woodgrain effects.

Advances in conservatory technology have however opened up a world of colour options, allowing you to perfectly tailor your conservatory to your tastes and your home.

You may wish to colour your conservatory frame to match existing painted window frames or house trim. Heritage homes in particular can benefit from the choice for a subtle cream to blend the conservatory in with existing styling - and that same cream used on a modern home can be a subtle but distinct statement.

Ultimately, whether your design requires a subtle cream or a bright orange, there’s a colour option available to meet your needs.

K2 offer conservatory roofs in traditional Mahogany, Golden Oak and Rosewood alongside their expanded colour range of Chartwell Green, AnTeak, Black, Ice Cream, Anthracite Grey and Irish Oak. With the added option to powder-coat the K2 Aluminium Roof with any RAL colour, you've a world of colour options open to you. Have a look through our Galleries for examples of colour conservatories.