genuine k2 product?

Did you inherit the conservatory with your house, don’t know who installed it, not sure who manufactured the roof or frames, you need to change some of the glazing units…?

If you think your conservatory or part of is from K2 Conservatories, then see below to see unique identifiable features.

K2 roof systems use some parts / components that are exclusive in their design / appearance. These will help you determine whether you have a K2 product


Embossed stamp on end cap

Situated at the end of the ridge bars, over the gutter.


Gutter bracket (Part No. C8043)

K2 Gutter Bracket


Plain finial (Part No. C7012)
Ornate finial (Part No. C7014)
Aluminium finial (Part No. C9372)

K2 Finials


K2 Cresting

Plain cresting
(Part No. C7013)
Ornate cresting
(Part No. C7015)
Aluminium cresting
(Part No. C9371)

Celsius glass

Our Celsius Glass range is also easily identifiable. For more information visit

Still not sure?

Contact us (by clicking the link in the menu at the top of the page) with as much information as possible, and we will try to help you.