installation movies

Below are clips extracted from the K2 Installation DVD, created to act as a general guide to the installation of certain conservatory styles and features.They show the unique frame system designed by K2 for the DIY market and are a guide for those that have purchased a complete K2 conservatory through one of our many resellers. Other window frames will not feature the same "slide and click" system. They should not be treated as an exact reference tool, please instead refer to your installation manual for details relating to your conservatory. Please note, these movie files are large in size, so viewing will be dependant upon your internet connection.

Click the tab for the style of conservatory you are installing, then click the Bold Blue type to play each clip.

Please Note: The contents of these movies (or the DVD you may have been supplied) are subject to change, and should be seen as general guidance to installation methods only. The K2 systems are developed and fine-tuned constantly, and you should always refer to the Printed Installation Guide you were supplied (the latest version of which can be obtained from the downloads section of this website).