building steps

To ensure your installation takes place in as smooth and stress-free way as possible, it is always best to employ the services of a reputable installer, with FMB or FENSA registrations. These companies are bound by strict terms of conduct and are regularly vetted to ensure they employ ethical working practices and work to the highest standards.
  • The installer will start the project by preparing the site. As part of this, they will dig the foundations, install the necessary drainage and lay down a concrete foundation.

    Installation Process - Step 1
  • With the foundations laid and the wall constructed to finished floor level, the installer will now prepare the floor slab.

    Installation Process - Step 2
  • Next, the installer will construct the dwarf wall if required.

    Installation Process - Step 3
  • With the base of the conservatory in position and the dwarf walls completed, the installer can now put in the window frames which will make up the conservatory sides.

    Installation Process - Step 4
  • Following straight on from this, the roof is installed. Now, the installer will glaze the roof & fit the sealed glass units to the frames of your conservatory.

    Installation Process - Step 5
  • From here, all you have to do is furnish your new conservatory and it’s ready for you to enjoy for many years to come!

    Installation Process - Step 6